Delmar Family Photographer: Preparing for your Session

Prepping for Your Family Photo Session

As a Delmar family photographer that’s been photographing families for eight years and counting, I’ve collected a few tips on how to best prepare for your family photos. And, since it’s one of my most asked questions from clients who book a session with me, I thought I’d share a few of my no-fail tips for getting you and your family ready for family photo day.

Delmar Family Photographer: Meg Mosher Photography

Choose your wardrobe with care

Dressing for family photos doesn’t have to be complicated, but a few key factors should always come into play: colors photograph better than black, logos and writing are great for everyday but distracting in photographs, and movement makes magic in photos, so long and twirly dresses for moms and daughters are great. You can reference this blog post for more wardrobe dos and don’ts. I’ve also put together this Pinterest page with examples of well coordinated families.

Meg Mosher Photography: Delmar Family Photographer

Meg Mosher Photography

Food and rest is best

Trust me on this – being well rested, both the night before and during nap times the day of your session, can make a world of difference. If you’re well rested, you can more easily roll with the punches and take things in stride. Your kids, too, will be happier on optimal sleep before the session. Being well-fed can also not be underestimated. Full bellies = happy bodies. If your golden hour photo session falls during your normal dinnertime, feed everyone a substantial snack ahead of time. You can thank me later!

Delmar Family Photographer - Meg Mosher PhotographyDelmar Family Photographer

Save the “Cheese” for Your Snack Plate

When I start snapping photos of you and your crew, there is no need to say “cheese”. If you chose me as your Delmar family photographer, you already know (and hopefully love) my style and approach, which is that I love capturing your family’s natural interactions and authentic expressions. And I think you’ll love these photos over time the most, too.

Meg Mosher Photography

Have fun!

As your family photographer, I come to sessions with a number of games and prompts that will help loosen you up and get you moving. But your involvement and willingness to have fun is a huge part of this, so don’t be afraid to show your family you love them. Giggle, laugh, kiss, whisper silly things, snuggle, play, embrace! These things help invoke real joy, which will emanate from your photos. Even better, hype up the session beforehand by telling everyone how much fun you’ll have. I’ll deliver on your promise!

Delmar Family Photographer: Meg Mosher Photography

Snuggle In

Connection is the key to warm, authentic family photos and that includes connecting your physical selves as well. You should always be touching your family members, so stand and sit close together and snuggle in. If you need to be moved or adjusted, I’ll help you do so, but a huge piece of this is to get super close.

Family Photos by Meg Mosher Photography

When in Doubt, Smile it Out

When I start snapping away and you’re not sure what to do with your hands, face, and body – and I know that will happen at some point during the session! – simply smile at your family. The warmth and connection of your gaze and smile at the people in your crew photographs SO beautifully because it’s real. A smile at someone you love will always win over looking straight at the camera with a stiff grin. 

Meg Mosher Photography

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