Capital Region Photographer: Dressing for Fall Family Photos

As your de facto Capital Region photographer, with fall – and fall family photos – on the horizon, I’m preparing for one of my most asked questions each year, which is: how to dress your family for fall family photos. 

I understand. Dressing in a way that makes you feel confident and doesn’t make your partner and kids throw a fit is a challenge for the best of us. I’m the mom of four kids myself, after all. To hit all the high notes of dressing for your family portrait session, I recommend following these five golden rules:

  1. Dress Yourself First

I know this sounds counterintuitive because you’re ALWAYS putting your family first. But this is precisely why finding what makes YOU feel comfortable and confident first is the only way. It’s easier to dress everyone else after you’ve mounted this hurdle, trust me. And remember to flaunt your best asset! Consider what you love about your body and use that to your advantage. 

Capital Region Photographer, Meg Mosher Photography

  1. Coordination is Best

Matchy matchy has its place, but not for your family photos. Coordinating colors and shades are much easier on the eye, and allows for everyone in the family to have their own, individual looks. When multiple people wear the same color, their matching outfits tend to blend together and it can be hard to tell where one person begins and another one ends. You don’t want to turn your family into a uniform blob! Use your wardrobe to showcase a variety of colors, textures, accessories, patterns, and tones. 

Capital Region Photographer, Meg Mosher Photography

  1. Colors > Black

Black is always a “safe” choice and I’m sure your closet is as filled with the shade as the next person. But black can cast unflattering shadows in a photo, and doesn’t photograph as well with the browns, reds, and yellows of fall foliage in Albany. So consider neutral colors or jewel tones when selecting your outfit choices and you can thank me later. 

Family photos with Meg Mosher Photography

  1. Avoid Distractions

How we dress in everyday life may work for day to day, but can cause major distractions in your photos. Distracting items include logoed shirts, neon colors, apple watches, and sports sneakers. No matter how on trend these items are today, they don’t stand the test of time but they DO stand out in a photo. And, really, you want the stand outs to be you and your family. Not your kid’s new kicks.

Capital Region Photographer, Meg Mosher Photography

  1. Movement Makes Magic

If you have a little girl, a twirly dress is such a good option. Your daughter will have fun swinging and twirling in her dress, and the movement it makes will create magic in your photos. The same concept applies to moms in long, flowy dresses so – while it may not be what you’d wear in everyday life – it photographs so beautifully.

Albany Photographer, Meg Mosher Photography

Do you have a fall family photos session coming up, and want to discuss how to dress for the session? As your Capital Region photographer, I am always happy to weigh in on your options and make suggestions that can help. Not booked yet for a fall family portrait session? Please reach out for session availability.


Meg Mosher is a Photographer specializing in newborn, family, and lifestyle photography.  She lives in Guilderland with her husband, four young children and golden retriever who have all been subjects of her lens for far too long.  Meg is now booking 2023 newborn and family sessions.  Serving Albany, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Troy and the entire Capital Region.  She also services the Hudson Valley.  Contact Meg here or email her at to book your session today.

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