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When It Comes to Choosing Your Photo Shoot Location, Spots that are Meaningful to You Trump All – Saratoga Springs Photographer Meg Mosher Photography 

As a Saratoga Springs photographer, I know of lots of beautiful places and hidden spots to photograph you and your family. I consider it a big part of my job to share those locations with my clients, ones that are beautiful and well lit and maybe – as a bonus – just a little off the beaten track. 

But, sometimes, the best locations come from you. 

If you’re scratching your head and thinking that you don’t know any picturesque spots to do your family portraits, I’ll stop you right there. Locations that are special to you, your partner and your family, which only you can know, can be the MOST ideal spots. Why? Because meaningful locations can bring an additional sense of connection to your photos, making them even more special. 

Here are a few ideas of choosing meaningful portrait session locations for your family:

Your home / backyard

This one might be the most obvious, but what could be better than photographing you and your crew in the place where you live and make most of your memories? Even if it’s not your “dream home,” you’ll always remember the homes you lived in, in various iterations of your family – and, wink wink, you’ll remember them even better with photographs. 

Your wedding venue

Chances are, like my clients Allison and Eric, pictured here, you and your partner chose your wedding venue because you loved it. You’ll love it even more when you visit again with your children and share those special memories with them. Though Allison and Eric live in Colorado now, they traveled back to Saratoga Springs to show their three kids where they were married 13 years ago and memorialized the occasion with family photos there. It’s an especially meaningful spin on events to have wedding photos AND family photos with your kids displayed, all in the same beautiful location where your love story began. 

Your favorite local park 

That place you go a few times a week with the kids to play? Maybe you don’t give it a passing thought as a photo session location because it serves one purpose in your mind. But one day, you’ll take your kids to that park for the last time and never know it. Capturing your family at that location is a way to always remember both your family during that time, and the special place it had in your family life.

Where you and your partner met!

Maybe you and your partner met at college. Perhaps you were a young working professional, and you met at happy hour in the city. Regardless of the where, any of these spots can make for an amazing backdrop for your family portraits. And don’t worry if that location is a bit of a drive…I may be a Saratoga Springs photographer, but I travel anywhere in New York’s Hudson Valley and throughout Western Massachusetts. 

Have questions about sessions and location spots? Please get in touch here to continue the conversation. 

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