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Five Reasons Why You Need an In Home Photo Session – Newborn Not Required!

If you love to take photos of your family each year, not only are you my people, but you’ve likely heard about family lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography is the opposite of a stiff, formally posed family photograph – it, instead, captures the essence of your family with candid, emotive images that capture the connection between you. While that can absolutely be achieved outdoors, choosing to do your family lifestyle photography session in your home is always a good choice. 

In case you need a reason, not to worry – I have FIVE reasons why you should book an in-home session for your next Albany family photos…and, spoiler alert, you don’t need a newborn to do so!


Family Lifestyle Photographer


  1. You don’t have to worry about the weather! 

This one might be my favorite because some days, I think my job is more amateur meteorologist than professional photographer. The weather can be finicky here in the Capital Region, and my outdoor sessions rely 100% on a great weather day. But for an in-home session, rain, snow, clouds or shine, your photos will look fantastic. What a relief to take that worry off the table.

Family Lifestyle Photographer

  1. You don’t have to worry about shoes! 

Wardrobe worries are a common stressor when preparing for any photo session, but all of my in-home family lifestyle photography clients can, at the very least, take shoes off their list. At home, bare feet are best and most natural, especially for toddlers and babies (but for you, too).

Albany NY Family Photographer


  1. Convenience and ease in all the ways. 

Need a bathroom? You have one! The baby spits up? You have a change of clothes! Need a diaper change, you’ve got a changing table! You don’t have to load up the car and drive anywhere! If you’re running behind when I arrive because you spent the last hour dressing everyone else? No worries, I’ll get started with Dad and the kiddos while you finish your makeup!

Albany NY Family Photographer

  1. In-home sessions take place in the mornings! 

One of the biggest complaints and concerns I get from my clients is how late sunset sessions start or that they interrupt nap time or dinner time. Because homes are typically best lit in the morning, I start all in-home family lifestyle sessions between 10 am and 11 am: no need to rearrange your schedule.

Albany NY Family Photographer

  1. Photos taken where you spend the majority of your time

Homes, like our children, are constantly changing. Documenting your family in your home is a unique and special way to take family photos that you and your kids will cherish for decades to come. 

Before you tell me that your home isn’t big enough, light enough, clean enough, I’m here to tell you that’s just not true! Most homes I photograph are ordinary homes, just like yours. As a professional, I know how to choose the best spots and angles to make you and your home look your best! And it’s not the home, it’s the subjects and their love and connection that make the photos beautiful! 

Have questions about an in-home family lifestyle photography session? Drop me a line and let’s chat!

Family Lifestyle Photographer

Family Lifestyle Photographer

Albany NY Family Photographer

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Albany Lifestyle Photographer


Meg Mosher is a Photographer specializing in newborn, family, and lifestyle photography.  She lives in Guilderland with her husband, four young children and golden retriever who have all been subjects of her lens for far too long.  Meg is now booking 2024 newborn and family sessions.  Serving Albany, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Troy and the entire Capital Region.  She also services the Hudson Valley.  Contact Meg here or email her at to book your session today.

I'm Meg, an Albany-area family and newborn photographer providing artistic, authentic photography for families who love each other fiercely.