Your Newborn Gallery: What to Expect

Your Newborn Gallery with Meg Mosher Photography

Albany Newborn Gallery | March 30, 2023

Newborn Gallery

A couple of weeks ago I shared what you can expect to find in your Family Gallery. It got me thinking that I should probably also share what to expect in your Newborn Gallery if I’m lucky enough to photograph the arrival of the newest member of your family!

Newborn sessions are awesome. They are done in the comfort of your own home, weather is not a factor, there is zero pressure on your toddler to perform, and everyone is relaxed during your baby-led session. As with family sessions, my focus is on capturing authentic moments of connection, love, and emotion. And what do I mean by baby-led anyway? Baby-led means we are following your little one’s timeline. Does she need to eat? We’ll stop for a snack. Does she want to be held the entire time? No problem! Time to change her diaper? Okay. I once had a father ask me how many newborn sessions go terribly wrong and after thinking for a second, I replied, none. And it’s the truth. I couldn’t think of a single newborn session that had gone poorly. When we follow baby’s schedule, address her needs as they come up, and can be flexible, there really isn’t anything that can go wrong.

Now that I’ve convinced you that an in-home lifestyle session is the way to go, what can you expect to see in your finished Newborn Gallery?

Family Snuggles in your Newborn Gallery

Probably the most important of all the photos you’ll find in your Newborn Gallery – the family portrait. With a new member in the family, you’ll want an updated family portrait. I like to make my family portraits a little less traditional and a little more fun for the under 5 crowd. The arrival of a new sibling is a BIG event, and older sibs need to feel confident in their place in the family. By bringing in a little play, we can get everyone on board for a beautiful family photo. And of course older fur siblings are encouraged to participate as well!

Newborn Gallery 2

  Baby and Siblings

Another favorite you’ll find in your Newborn Gallery: baby and big sib pics. Even if your first child has 4 legs, I love capturing the special bond between all of your children.

Newborn Gallery 3

Images that Focus on Older Siblings

They were your first babies after all, and they deserve a special place in the Newborn Gallery!


Parent-Baby Pairings in Your Newborn Gallery

As a mama to 4 kiddos, I know how important these images are.  You are the one typically taking the family photos and this is your opportunity to get in front of the camera. Throughout the session I’ll snap shots of each parent with your newest family member. These shots have a special place in my heart and I love seeing moms and dads with their little bundle. This is also an opportunity to give older sibs a break from the session.


Natural Newborn Photos in Your Newborn Gallery

Natural, baby-led posing for your little one’s debut as a model! I love documenting baby in a way that is artistic and authentic, without heavy posing. There are no requirements for your baby to sleep or stay still. A lot of times you may catch a glimpse of mom or dad in the photos too!


Little Details in Your Newborn Gallery

Detail shots are an extension of your little one alone, but I always try to focus a few photos on them. 10 years from now it will be hard to remember the little hairs on their ears, the tiny toenails, little fingers grasping your thumb, and my all time favorite – back wrinkles. Soak up these little details, they grow so quickly!


Nursery Details

If you poured your heart and soul into a special space for your little one, I absolutely want to capture the nursery details! Both with baby in and out of them!



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