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Announcing Personality Portraits

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It’s a new year and for many that means a fresh start, and it is this very concept that inspired a new offering for families in the Albany area: Personality Portraits!

Personality Portraits are simple in their execution. Meant for just your kiddos, these 5 minute sessions take place in a studio against a clean, white backdrop. The simplicity of the set-up is designed to make your kids, and their special personalities, pop. I love personality portraits and have been taking them of my own children for a couple of years. I hope to offer them at least twice a year moving forward. Because this is my first go at them, I will only be photographing individual children. In the future I may extend sessions to include sibling shots. 

The sessions will take place March 17th at my in-home studio. Due to their limited nature, the sessions are first-come, first-served so when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

If you do decide to snag a personality portrait for your kiddos, be prepared for a quick and fun-filled photo session. As these are designed to bring out the special qualities of your children – maybe it’s their belly laugh, or a certain smirk or smile – I bring out all the jokes and games to help kids let their guard down, and their true selves shine. I can promise it will be a lot of fun, and you’ll have images that capture the true essence of your kiddo. The galleries that follow the session will have a variety of both color and black-and-white images.


Personality Portraits by Meg Mosher Photography


All the details for the very first run of Personality Portraits!  

Date/Time: March 17th, 2024 between 11am and 1pm

Up to 5 minute session, 3+ images (you keep the entire gallery!)

*For multiple children, you must book multiple sessions. There will be no sibling shots this time around.

* All babies must be able to sit unassisted

Cost: $150 collected at the time of booking


Interested in booking a session? Click HERE


Personality Portraits by Meg Mosher Photography


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