Cabrera Family | Albany Family Photographer

This session was HOT!  It reached 95 degrees and hadn’t cooled off much when I met up with the Cabrera Family in the early evening.  We had already rescheduled a couple of times because of rain (Maegan brings it with her on camping trips and to photo shoots 😉 ), so we pushed through the heat and I’m so glad we did because Cole is absolutely the most adorable one year old around!  (And his parents were also fun to hang out with!).  The Cabrera’s start a new adventure at the end of this month when they move even further upstate!  Boarding Canada upstate!  I’m happy I was able to capture a couple sweet moments here in Albany for them to remember Cole’s first home by!  We wish you the best of luck with your big move and hope you’ll come back and visit!Cabrera-1 Cabrera-3 Cabrera-7 Cabrera-8 Cabrera-9 Cabrera-11 Cabrera-16 Cabrera-21 Cabrera-18 Cabrera-22 Cabrera-25 Cabrera-27


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